Yoga online

Yoga online

Yoga is a great physical activity that helps reduce stress. It allows our mind to rest from everyday challenges, as it requires concentration and balance when moving in one or several positions. 

Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga– 45 min gentle movement connected to the breath; we will move through  basic yoga poses connecting them with our natural breath flow, meanwhile strengthening the whole  body; Classes finished with gentle stretching and full body relaxation; classes for everybody

Yin&Yang Yoga– 45 minutes of 2 types of yoga work: we actively stand in the yoga poses building the  strength(Yang part) and we passively stay in the poses for some time to learn how to release and go  deeper into our bodies(Yin part). Classes based on the ancient Yin&Yang philosophy two opposite but  working together energies that the world is built of. 


  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Groups of of up to 100 people

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