Well-being of your employees leads to improved business performance and employee retention.

Our Vision

We provide comprehensive health-related and employee benefits programs.

We care about the health and well-being of your employees, helping them appreciate that a company is more than just a place to deliver daily work. We foster knowledge about wellness & work life balance among employees based on prophylaxis and medical diagnosis, delivered by best of class doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers.

Benefits for your company

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Good atmosphere, favorable working conditions and low stress levels motivate employees to work effectively.

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By building awareness about a healthy lifestyle, employees are less sick, more concentrated and thus more productive.

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Employee retention

Research shows that 43% of employees thinking about changing jobs will prioritize companies, which focus on employee well being & health

How we operate

We create our well-being programs by tailoring them to the needs of the employees of different types of businesses. Regardless whether you employees work in an office, factory, werehouse or in the car we will offer them a unique health program.


Needs analysis and program development

  • Arrival onsite to your business
  • Carrying out an initial health audit or more comprehensive diagnostic
  • Preparation of the program structured for a single event, short term and long term focus

Operationalization of the program

  • Introductory communication for the employees - online and offline through visuals, educational materials, photo stories,
  • Implementation of the program
  • Monitoring of effects

Summary - long-term plan

  • Summary of conducted activities
  • Providing data on the health of employees (anonymized)
  • Proposal of long term programs focused specific challenge areas

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