Meditations and breathing exercises

Meditations and breathing exercises

When we are stressed our thoughts revolve around many problems and limit our ability to solve them. Meditation can help focus our thoughts, increase clarity of mind, and unlock the creativity and freedom of expression. 

We will teach you how to reduce stress and allow yourself to return to stressful tasks with a clean head.

Here&Now Morning Meditation– seated morning meditation. We will try to switch off the brain and  our internal conversations which are based on future and past analyzing and try to focus on the  “Now”. We will focus on the body, on internal feelings as well as outside perceptions. Meditation led  with gentle music and Tibetan bowl sound. Meditation finished with breathing exercises that will  help to awake & energize our bodies and be ready and productive for the whole day. 

  • Duration 45- 60 minutes
  • Groups of up to 150 people

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