obraz dla pracowników biurowych


  • Spine care
  • Dietary workshops
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Quit smoking
  • Eye care

working physically

Dbamy o pracowników fizycznych - z myślą o nich tworzymy warsztaty oraz konsultacje indywidualne

  • Reducing the risk of injury at your workplace
  • Increasing health awareness
  • Raising motivation and energy levels
obraz dla pracowników biurowych
obraz dla pracowników biurowych

Field employees
and drivers

  • Food on the way - workshops for drivers - what to buy at a gas station
  • Ergonomics - how to take care of the spine on the way, how to sit, how often to take breaks, role of specialized equipment such as lower back support pads
  • Stress - how to manage stress, being away from home and sleep deprivation

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